Palestinian Heritage Center



Welcome to the Palestinian Heritage Center Gift Shop

The Palestinian Heritage Center works to preserve, promote, and celebrate Palestinian cultural heritage. All products are one-of-a-kind embroidered works, handmade by Palestinian women. This rich and exclusively female artistic tradition flourished in Palestine up until the middle of the 20th century and is being preserved and promoted for the future by the Center. Designs vary from village to village and are passed down from mother to daughter. The main stitching techniques used in Palestine were, and still are, cross-stitching and couching with silk and metallic cords. Embroidery has been mainly for the adornment of clothing, although in some areas home articles such as cushion covers were also embroidered.

The Palestinian Heritage Center provides in-home employment for over a hundred women living in refugee camps and small villages within the Bethlehem area. For most, this is the sole income for their families. Many of the women produce stylish clothing as well as intricately worked jackets, cushions, tablecloths, and pillows.

When purchasing these embroidered works you are not only receiving a wonderful piece of our heritage and culture, but also helping to provide vital support for these families.

The Palestinian Heritage Center (PHC)

The Palestinian Heritage Center (PHC) was established in 1991 in Bethlehem. Mrs. Maha Saca, who is the maha sacafounder and direct of the Center, possesses extensive experience and background in Palestinian folkloreespecially traditional embroidery, its origins and its meanings. She had done research on the cultural background of many Palestinian communities in the past 10 years.
The Center has put on many exhibits and exhibitions in various countries around the world as well as lectures and seminars on the topic of Palestinian heritage and traditional costumes. The Center also puts on elaborate fashion shows for traditional costumes on a local and international level.
The Center consists of a traditional living room, a furnished Bedouin tent, library, exhibition space for traditional items and a gift shop. The center hosts various events and accommodates up to 150 visitors.
The Center has received many awards for its continuous efforts in the revival of Palestinian heritage and the promotion of Palestinian culture.